Can anyone recommend BSCI lab book/resources?

RandyCCIE#TBDRandyCCIE#TBD Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hello All - I'm looking for a comprehensive lab manual to supplement the Cisco Press BSCI book. Does anyone know of a book where you're given actual lab tasks (with corresponding answers) that you can perform on your own equipment?
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    I am using the Chris Bryant videos and this guy has got a nack for teaching because I am taking to the info like a fish to water. A book like the Cisco press one for BSCI is like reading an encyclopedia, i cant get through 4 pages without falling asleep. So, although the Cisco press book is thorough, I would recommend the Train Signal lab 23 on this.

    And I know people talk about the CBT nugget videos and they think great of them, in my view -- they are horrible, or at least the BSCI one is. That guy is a horrible teacher. In his mock labs he types the commands but does not ever press enter, he just shows you what the command looks like. Chris Bryant, not only shows you the commands, but he shows how it interacts with the other routers in his lab. He is a great teacher - Chris Bryant, not the other guy.
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    I don't have an answer for the original question, but I'd like to add that I agree with JVE about the CBT Nuggets BSCI instructor.

    He is absolutely terrible. After just watching the introduction you get the feeling that he doesn't know anything and is just reading someone elses poorly written script (full of buzz words).

    On the other hand, CBT Nuggets CVOICE and QOS videos are excellent. The best instructor I have seen yet.
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    i actually like the nuggets b/c they provide a good base for the most certs.. mainly i use them before reading any book or cbts.. and they are helpful for areas that i'm weak on for someone to plainly explain it
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    i just went on and purchased the bryant BSCI study materials. At first glance they are much more readable than the 5,000 page Cisco Press book. It's much more hands on and practical than theoretical. I'll be interested to see how well I do on practice exams with just his materials alone.
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    The Bryant material rocks; however, I would never use just 1 piece of material. I always try to have at least 3 sources. For the BSCI, I used Bryant, ExamCram2, Cisco Networking Academy, Sybex CCNP Complete, & CBT nuggets...

    Just my .02
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