Should I wait or follow up??

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I applied for the NOC technician position @ two weeks ago and the recruiter e-mailed me shortly afterwards saying he would like to interview me via the phone. So I contacted him and he told me that he will start conducting phone interview soon, then i never heard anything back ever since.

I do have his e-mail address, so do you guys think i should write an e-mail to the recruiter asking whats the current status of my application or should i just wait ?



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    Definitely contact him.
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    Most recruiters are unreliable. You should always be looking. I say forget that recruiter and try to get as many interviews as you can. All the recruiter does is just set you up for the interview with the employer and take half of your wage if you get the job. But again, recruiters rule the job market, so avoiding them is not going to help. If you go to lots of interviews, you will find some good recruiters.
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    I was recently laid off by verizon and I had to start looking for work again. I had an interview with Comcast Business Technical Support 3 weeks ago and I was told at the time of the interview that they would call me in one week. I called after the one week was over and left a voice mail with the women I interview with. 3 days later I called again and no answer. I also interviewed with IT company that supports Video Conferencing and Web based learning. I kept in touch with Temp agency and showed them I really was interested in them.

    I found out Yesterday I got the Job. The Moral of the story.
    Get a business card of your IT recruiter and keep the lines of communication open. If you interview with someone from the actual company get their business card as well and make sure you send a Thank you E-mail or letter for the opportunity to interview I am sure you will stand out from others.
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    My rule of thumb has been OK to bug the recuiters, not OK to bug the employer.
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    blargoe wrote:
    My rule of thumb has been OK to bug the recuiters, not OK to bug the employer.

    I second this.

    Follow up with a recruiter all you want, as their job is finding placements, and they get paid when they do (not always out of your pocket either...).

    By following up with him, you are just making his job easier.

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    blargoe wrote:
    My rule of thumb has been OK to bug the recuiters, not OK to bug the employer.

    Totally agree, don't worry about calling the recruiter every other day, or everyday if they keep telling you that they should find out "tomorrow".

    I don't know about the US, but I know that in the UK they get something like 15% of your 1st year's salary as their commision for find you, which the employer pays.

    Make them earn their money.

    For Employers I'd call them once, find out when they are making the next decision, and call them back again then. With direct contact you've got more of a chance of influencing their decision, so make sure you show them that you're interested and enthusiastic about the position.
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