How much on subnetting?

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Does anyone know how much if any of subnetting is covered on the exam? On the skills being measured from MS I guess it falls under:

Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing
Configure TCP/IP addressing on a server computer.

It is def covered in the MS Press book but not really covered in the Test Out material.
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  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    It's not drastic. You should be able to tell if a host or the host's default gateway is set correctly for the network it is on.
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    You need to know subnetting, and how to troubleshoot issues with it. You could get basic questions on it , and questions that mix subnetting with DHCP, RRAS, DNS.

    I failed this exam twice. I did well the 2nd time, but I got 50% on the DHCP section, which burnt me with a 679. On the first exam I got 100% on the DHCP section.

    I think the moral of my story is to go in STRONG on everything - subnetting included.

    I hope this helps you. As for me, I am going for number three next Wednesday. I CAN NOT wait to get this one passed!
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    Thats what I figured. Have you used a lab in your preparation? Were the DHCP questions more troubleshooting or install/ config or both. Do you currently work as an admin?
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    Just took my 291 on Wednesday and I think about 20% of the exam was on subnetting. You definitely need to know how to subnet.
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    Yes, I think a lab is key.

    The DHCP questions I had on the 2nd attempt were all troubleshooting. I really don't remenber on the 1st.

    I have been an Admin for 7 years at a major Pharma company.
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