Top brains needed !

gbhpboygbhpboy Member Posts: 68 ■■□□□□□□□□
Thought I'd post on this forum 'cos I know the top brains are on this one.

Trying to set up a test lab for next course 284.
Setting up my NAT box, and trying to get the internet connection working.
Tried on both WIN2K and WIN2003 makes no difference.
Get O/S on fine, run the wizard for broadband internet connection, installs the modem, and sets speed up nice to 2.2 mbps.
Within 10 minutes everything dies, good old virus worm firewall.exe comes in and grinds the thing to pieces.
Trouble is my version of Nortons doesn't run on a server, does anyone know of good A/V software that will run on WIN2003, that is free, or any other way round this ?



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