I have network plus exam on tuesday afternoon

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I have ben studying for network plus for abt 4 months, I have read the exam cram 2 twice and read other books as well, I am scoring between 66% and 95% on practice tests, Got the exam booked in for tuesday afternoon, going to readthe tech notes mon night all way through as a last kind of "cram" any other tips of wehat i should do before a test? Also i have some questions about the exam. If there is more than 1 right answer does it say pick say 2 answers or tick3 answers etc? What is the gerneral consenius here between practice exams and real thing anyone feel realthing is eiaser than practice exams?

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    yes there are all those types of questions. pending on what test vartiaton u get or not but yes. Also you might want to focus on token ring abit to because alot of folks me and some others all been hit by some token ring questions. Also hit the troubleshooting part very well because they will ask u alot of trboule shooting scenros for u to solve
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    thanks for the advice, il let u guys know how i do. Going to read these tech notes tonight and do mass Q+A in morning before exam in morning
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    HEy as also u can go though objectives
    and if u can get most of thsoe objectives on their site you should be fine and comfortable with the network+ troubleshooting part then
    good luck pal :)
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    When you get to the exam, read every question carefully. You'll definitely
    have to sift out the info you need from all the stuff given, especially in the real-life troubleshooting scenarios. Remember, you have 90 minutes, so use it all if you need to.

    Best of luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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