Passed today with a 835

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I just got out of the testing center. Nice to finally be done with that. I had 42 questions with 4 sims. One question was even on connecting to SQL. I had not even run across that before. I guess I needed to study some more. 270 was a cake walk after that one.

Thanks for everyones help. Even though I didn't post any questions for this one I was able to get all the answers I needed from searching this forum.

Now on to 291 on Sept. 8th.


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    grats on the 290 and good lucky on the 291

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    Congrats! Good score too!

    Good luck on your 291, and on your way to MCSA!
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    Next one icon_arrow.gif
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    congrats dude!

    What did you use to study? How close were the questions to the MS listed objectives? Was there much DNS or AD? What was/is your prior job knowledge? On the sims were you alousd to use right click and are they in the 'classic' theme or the horrible LEGO BRICK type one? Also how much freedom did you have with the sims ( as we all know we may go about thing a different way to get the same result !! )

    Any info would help my studying.
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    Thanks everyone.

    I am taking a network course at a local college. In the college we use the MSPress book and lab manuals. I also have watched the learnkey videos, self test software, and then any questions I have from there I check with this site, technet, mcmse, etc...

    There was a little on AD, no DNS, but about 15 questions on backups.

    No prior experience. Just what I have learned in school from March of this year.

    As for the sims, some options were available some were not. Make sure you know the full path to get to items as well as the short cuts. You can wander around alot. If you are on the wrong path most items are not even available so you know to back up and try again. One sim I got I tried to do what they asked but I couldn't do it. I guess they wanted me to do it a different way but I couldn't figure it out.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck in your cert.
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