Need some help.

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Here goes.
So in my MCSE class im taking my teacher said it'd be best to use vmware on our own laptops if we had them.
Reason being is because we also share the class with a MCDST class.
Now, that being said... the mcdst class uses the same computers and whipes out our win2k3 every night to put xp on.
Yes lame lame but what can I do?

So going into the real problem. I dont have a laptop nor have the $ to buy one. I have Vmware on my machine at home. I need a free vpn solution so I can just connect to my computer and use my own from school. It would help me out so much. (vpn on Ethernet)

If someone could help me out it would be fantastic and you would save me alot of time and struggle.

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    Are you paying for this class? If they're not providing you a solution for labs using their own equipment and you're paying them to teach you, then something definitely needs fixing.

    You can enable remote desktop on your box at home and rdp to it. If you're on a home rrouter, make sure you get the public ip before you leave and make sure you forward port 3389 to the workstation's private ip address.
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    icroyal wrote:
    Are you paying for this class?

    I havent yet and I wont unless I get some damned Help.

    Thanks for the post icroyal
    A+, MCP(270,290), CCNA 2008.
    Working back on my CCNA and then possibly CCNP.
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    Damn, I would take out the hard drive and take it home with me before I let that happen every night. How in the hell do they expect you to learn anything?
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    That is an odd practice, to simply let two seperate IT classes use the same computers, when they both obviously need to span their work from one week to another. When I was taking MCSE classes, we didn't have enough physical machines in the room, so we made sure we had swappable hard drives to switch out when we had class. It's a whole lot cheaper than buying new machines, and it saves the hassle of having to reinstall or reimage the damn things every time you want to get some work done.

    I'd go talk to the administration at the school, and find out if they understand what it entails to "work at home" on something like Windows Server 2003. If they don't, and they won't listen to any reason, find another class to take. Either that, or just study on your own. . . since that's what you're doing anyway.

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    At the very least, they could put VMWare or VPC on their machines and have 2 images: one for your class, and one for the other class. Then each class would load their respective images.
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    Just a thought...

    Maybe you could configure one of your VM's as an RRAS VPN box. You'd need a static IP address from your ISP and make sure you forward and allow VPN traffic through your firewall. Kind of a complex solution when you could use remote desktop but maybe a learning curve icon_idea.gif
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