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i recieved my certficate yest and i am really disapointed with it!
its just like the a+ cert with its flimsy card and i dont see why i should pay $60 to join there club and pay to get another! i mean come on the exam is expensive as it is so you would think they could spare a few extra £££'s to give you a decent card. i know its not about the actual certificate, its about the cert itself, which is good in my opinion. its just i wish they would give you decent package as my 3 yr old brother could easily rip the wallet card id up!
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    I don't like any of the current crop from anyone, CompTIA, Microsoft, ETA etc. they have all changed for the worse. Probably all done based on the current fads in graphics design.
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    When CompTIA increased the prices of their exams they should have added a couple of quarters extra and spend that on a decent looking 'and' feeling cert. Even my stack of free Brainbench certs feels more like an achievement, based on the certificate alone of course. ;) Sure, being certified is much more important, but many of the certificates today remind of the 'certificates' you receive after attending an official course rather than passing an exam. It seems like an obvious area where some vendors can 'score' as complaints about this are not uncommon. But, imagine how much money they can save by printing hundreds of thousands of certificates a bit cheaper each. That's no excuse for the bad design though.

    There's a sticky in our general cert forum with several certs displayed:

    TheShadow wrote:
    Probably all done based on the current fads in graphics design.
    yes, and while I like modern graphics, imo a certificate should look old-fashion, like a 'real' certificate.

    Maybe they should start using candles and seals again. Instead of John Chambers his autograph, you'd get an imprint of a unique ring only he has. Now that's something I'd frame and hang on a wall. I guess John has more fun things to do though ;)
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