Going for my 70-291

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In a few day's I plan to take my exam , any clues ? icon_lol.gif
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    keep calm and try your best.

    You have had a really good summer for certs, how many have you passed this summer?

    I am going to book my 291 exam in for a weeks time, so hopefully il have my MCSA shortly.
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    Ya , I programmed myself many cert's in this summer , fortunately some of them were really easy altough , Windows XP it's easy and I think that 70-291 is very easy for me saying , having CCNA knwoledge.

    I saw that more than 40 % of the exam is somelike like CCNA.I mean subnetwork thing's , superneting , network protocol's and another's things to.If I had to learn for 70-291 aloe , without haveing another basic's of knowledge I have stayed month's for learning and practicing I guess.ut for me thing's are really easy , learning more than an year for CCNA , and understanding the pricinple of subneworking and superneting.Many of you , who pass in CCNA wolrd , think that this to are very very hard , but once understood , like my instrctor told me once , you don't forget them for a long time.I don't.

    See ya ;)
    Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treament. (Kent Beck)
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    Subnetting isn't difficult once you get the hang of it. I had trouble learning it but once I caught on a method that worked for me, I no longer have trouble calculating networks. The only thing is, subnetting is only a minor part of the 70-291 exam. I've seen you active on these boards and you've passed CCNA and 270/291. I bet you'll pass. Just do the same thing you've done for those exams and make sure you're prepared for each objective, especially RRAS, DNS, Subnetting, and IPSEC. Good luck and keep us updated on how you do!
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