installation problem

I tried to install fedora core 5 but always had "exception" error at the second disc. It doesn't seem the disc had any media problem but why?

I've been using my computer for years in windows, no problem at all. It's P4 1.4ghz with RamBus memory. can anyone give a clue?


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    It has been a while since I have used Fedora, but I think that they have an option to check the discs (your installation CDs) for errors before you get started.

    Might wanna try that.
  • I did. All discs passed the test. weired!
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    -just use Fedora 4 , Fedora 5 has many , many bug's and suck's .The first time I instaled it after no more than 18 hour's I found the first bug , my kernel just dissapear and more in front.
    -use Fedora 4.
    -even thought the disc are verified and working , just make another disc 2 , I had the problem and I made another disc 2 , they're very pretintions.

    Try making another disc , and then update us with the news , Good luck !
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