Edited my post for being a moron

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Yeah i figured out my own question by searching the forums. I've being cramming so much lately my brain is turning into goo


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    The most safer way to say is until December of this year, you should finish your A+. 4 mos is long enough to finish this cert, if you have experience, you can finish it with only 2 mos. max with the help of Mike Myers All In One Fifth Edition, and our techexam practice test....Goodluck
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    I see, you already figured it out...ok then...
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    I used to work in a shop fixing old pc's 386's and 486's. At that time the fastest comp around was 300mhz. But since then i've built my own computers and, freinds computers. I'm just trying to memorize the irqs and such. And i needed to catch up on scsi devices.

    I've been doing the coursesim work and in about 2 weeks i think i'll take both tests.
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    Best wishes on your exams.

    Please post any questions on the material you may have in the forums and we'll do what we can to assist with answering them.....and as you've already found out, there is a good chance your question has been asked in here already so you may find the answer :)
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