CPU Socket Discrepancies

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I've discovered while compiling some notes to help me remember which CPU's go in which sockets that the list on this here site is different from the list in my book. For example my book says that socket 1 supports the 486DX,SX,DX2 and DX4 Overdrive while on here it only lists DX & SX. I should think I'm better off going with my book but why should the lists be different? Oh and my book also says that socket 6 was "not used" whilst on other lists it says the DX4 75-133 were used for socket 6. Interesting.


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    sujee27sujee27 Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
    The book can always be wrong.. What book is it? Is it a trusted source?
    These are the CPU/SOCKET/SLOTS you need to know for the COMPTIA a+ core

    slot 1, 2, A
    Socket A, 423, 478, 8, 7 370
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