70-291 or 70-284 next?

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Afternoon everyone,

Just passed 70-290 with a score of 835 and can't decide whether to go after 70-291 or 70-284.

Logically I think I should take 70-291 as it seems to be the extension of 70-290, which is still fresh in my brain. But we're upgrading our Exchange server at work from 2000 to 2003 next month and studying 70-284 would probably be really helpful during the upgrade and as we all get familiar with the new version.

What I'm afraid of is two things:

1. 70-284 will require me to know things I would learn from 70-291.

2. 70-291 will be tougher if I don't get right on it now coming off of 70-290.

Any opinions?


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    I'll bet on 70-291 ? Why ?

    *you can pass your eyes on 70-284 , and learn but not take the exam , just for especially you need for your job.
    *70-291 , when I read Self-Test's for the first time , I saw that include's many part's from CCNA , and a lot of networking , is based of knowing 70-2901 & 70-270 and it's very very good source of knowledge , altough many poeple say that they would not learn so much for it. I doubt , how much you know.. for 70-291 , to be a piece of cake.

    Man , htis is my opinion , I love all what is for 70-291 , I'l love networking and routing and security.Don't take my opinion for god , expect other's to..altough they may recomand you the same thing ( if you want to be MCSA or MCSE to ) , or even 70-284 , if it' only job , not the certification in matter.

    Cheer's !
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    Do 284 after 291 AND 293 (what I'm doing) if you're going to be going after MCSE also. The 284 exam requires some knowledge about PKI and Certificate Authorities which isn't discussed until 293 as well as other things which you wont understand unless you do 291 and 293. You CAN do 284 without doing 293 though but it'll be more difficult.
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    Good points and all valid from previous posters.

    my opinion, from someone who has taken and passed 291 and is now studying 284.

    depends on what your objectives are.
    if yours like mine is to finish MCSA and then possibly go no more, then taking 291 before 284 is better.
    if you are going for MCSE anyway in a relatively quick timescale than take 291 then 293 then 284.

    291 will be easier to pass if you take it straight after 290, there are many things you'll need from 290 to pass 291, group policy, SUS etc, so if it is all fresh then that's better

    284 does use stuff learnt in 291, so you will find 284 easier if you take it after 291, but of you know the basics of networking, then you will be okay. If you plan to take 291 anyway, then please do it before 284.

    valid point made above about taking 293 before 284, but this is not essential, you'll just have to plan in a bit more time for learning concepts like clustering in your 284 study, but it not necessary to take 293 before 284, everything you need to know about 284 is covered in the 284 MS Press and Exam Cram books.

    Good luck with you studies.
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