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Well I got a 440 icon_cry.gif ....I thought I was prepared...but I guess I wasn't. I know the OSI model very well yet had maybe 5 questions about it. Also, I'm really good at all the well known ports....hahah but yet again...only had a few questions about them....

I took the pre tests on this site and did great! Does anyone have any suggestions on study materials or anything else?

Thanks icon_confused.gif


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    sorry to hear that, you will do better next time.
    i would like to go for network+ next too, so im wondering like, was there any topic that you were unfamiliar with or something that you had not seen before the exam? any questions that you didnt know anything about?

    and for how long where u preparing for this exam?
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    You didn't mention what books you used to study. I am not talking about free study guides. I read about 4 books to study for this exam and found it a very easy exam. I spent about 2 months studying for it. In addition to the books that I used, I used the TechExams study guide and did a lot of practice exams.
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    I used the Mike Meyers AIO book and the practice tests from it, this site and mcmcse and I thought it was a pretty easy exam. I have about 6 months experience working with basic network operations and troubleshooting. I would recommend getting objectives from comptia and going over them and making sure you know them all. Here is the link-- then select Network + and the objectives tab will be on the left and you will fill out some personal info and there you have them.

    Good luck on your retest.[/url]
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    Don't feel bad. You'll pass net time. I used Examcram2 and the technotes on this site. Excellent resources!!! Just make sure you take alot of practice tests b4 you sit for the exam again!
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    Sorry to hear that.
    Are you sure you've gone through all the objectives? Made sure you know about all the different topics? OSI model and well known ports is only a *small* part of Networking Topologies, which is only 1/4 of the entire exam.

    What areas do you think you need most work in? For mine, I had lots of mistakes with protocols (IPX/AppleTalk) and network support. 85 questions can be alot, and there're tons of things they can test you on.

    I hope you didnt study iNet+ materials and went to take Network+, right? Because any decent book should specific clearly that OSI and port #s are actually really really simple stuff on Network+ exam. I think you were pretty lucky to have gotten so many questions on such a small part of the objective.

    No intention to put you down in anyway, but I just want you to understand the situation and to take proper steps to correct things and do better next time.

    For myself, I read both the 2001 and the updated technotes on this site because I had forgotten alot of my networking basics. I also re-used my networking text book from 2nd year to brush up TCP/IP and subnets. Finally my main study source was Mike Meyers Passport Certifcation for network+.

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    Your should learn , practice and be prepared next time.

    Good luck !
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    sorry to hear dude... I'm in the process of starting my studies as well.. definitely will take time to prepare... Good luck next time.
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    srry to hear tht man ......

    but you need to study a lot more.....try exam cram2
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    Take your time and prepare better next time.
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