Booked in 70-297 4th Sept Update:Passed

icon_eek.gif Wish me luck! icon_eek.gif
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    Good luck ! icon_lol.gif
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    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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    Good luck. I'll be taking it 10 days later, so will be expecting a full review. :D
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    Well I passed!!!! 885 was my score icon_cheers.gif

    The exam consisted of four testlets. Each testlet had around 10 questions and between 25 - 30 mins per testlet. Once you finish a testlet you have a chance to review your answers but once you go on to the next testlet you can no longer go back.

    The testlets covered a variety of topics including NT4 / 2000 - 2k3 domain upgrades, GPO design and placement, a fair bit of DNS / DHCP design and implementation and some WINS.

    I found the testlets quite lengthy and sometimes confusing but the navigational buttons helped me get back to the right area when I needed to confirm answers.

    On to 70-284 now to complete my MCSE track. Been looking forward to studying for Exchange ever since I started the MCSE 2003! icon_study.gif
    Up Next : Not sure :o
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    Congrats then!
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    Well Done, Good luck Omni :D
    Isn't Bill such a Great Guy!!!!
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