Network+ Vs CCNA

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I find it very hard to believe that CCNA is nearly as easy to obtain as N+. However, on Cramession's comparison of N+ and CCNA, the odds are in favor of N+ slightly more than the CCNA exam even remotely the same difficulty as Network+, with adequate preparation for each?
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    Network+ is not by an means equal or greater than CCNA.

    I dont know how that comparison is conducted, but having Network+ myself, I dont find CCNA easy at all.

    My own suggestion would probably be something like:
    70-290/291 & Network+ = CCNA.
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    That seems like a ludicrous statement (CCNA equal to Network+) to me. The Network+ for me was one of the easiest exams I have taken. In fact, I thought it was easier than both the A+ exams.
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    CCNA is harder , than this one's.

    There are only 90 minute's , a lot of qs and sim's.No way back to back question.There is a lot to learn and to practice.

    icon_wink.gif , no way to measure CCNA with those..
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    Didn't think so, don't know what Cramsession meant...
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