Is my kit suitable/enough for CCNA lab?

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Hi all,

After doing the CCNA curriculum semesters 1 - 4, approx 3 years ago and not bothering sitting the exam I have now decided to pursue the exam. It is more "refreshing my knowledge" than learning from scratch.

Although I don't support Cisco kit directly day in day out (WAN/LAN management outsourced as I work for large company) but due to upgrading our circuits from DSL to IP Clear, routers to 1760's and switches to Nortel baystacks to support Nortel IPT phone system I've acquired a cisco 1721 router with an ADSL and ISDN(backup) cards installed along with a catalyst 2950 switch.

Will this kit be adequite for me to practice for the config part of the CCNA, or would you need to know IOS versions etc to tell? Could I do with another switch and router? We do have some spare kit that I've been given the go ahead to utilise if I need, but don't want to clutter my house with comms kit if I don't need it! I need to erase the config on the kit so I have a clean slate but I can do that no problemo.

Any advice welcomely received


Malcy from Scotland!


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