Cisco NAT with a strange config.

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Hi everyone,

So, my customer has this configuration in his cisco 828:

ATM0: private IP connected to the WAN (yes, private IP)
E0: public IP

I need to setup a VPN connection to another Cisco, and the ISP suggested using Loopback 0 for that. So, my idea is as following:

1.- put all public IPs in L0
2.- Put private on E0
3.- enable NAT for E0
4.- Once everything works, configure ezvpn client on the router.

problem: can't get passed step 3.

I issued these commands:
#ip nat pool nldo netmask
# ip nat inside source list 1 pool nldo overload
in E0
# ip nat inside
in L0
# ip nat outside
# access-list 1 permit

result: private IPs can't browse the internet... if I run a sh ip nat translation I get nothing.

The funny thing is that "somewhere in time" it worked... but then it stopped.

Logging: I get packets from the private net with destination to the same public IP configured on L0. I mean: if someone pings in the router the log shows:

Tell me what I am missing here... I don't like the idea of using L0 as an outside nat interface... maybe is that.

Saludos amigos!
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