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I just found this site yesterday. I am currently studying for my CCNA and would like some input from everyone. I am using the SYBEX 5th edition, as well as the Intro/ICND cisco press books. one thing im noticing is that the SYBEX does not seem to have all the information that the cisco press has. for example i was studying STP yesterday and the CPress books included RSTP (802.1w) and it wasn't even mentioned in the Sybex.

I have two test vouchers for the test and was thinking about studying everything in the sybex and suplementing anything i have problems with using the cpress books. Does this sound like a good line of attack? Or should i continue what im doing and outline every single detail of the cpress. I think i might be overstudying. I have had a tendency to do this in the past.

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    WHOOPS! icon_redface.gif

    Thanks for the link. I had a hard time registering for some reason and jumped hte gun abit when i finally got my account activated. Guess i should have though to look for a faq section! :D
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    jbkm wrote:
    WHOOPS! icon_redface.gif
    That information was on a need to know basis -- and Ed just decided you needed to know it. icon_lol.gif

    Welcome! :D
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    Thank you for the welcome. I'm already seeing myself on here quite a bit asking questions. I have a bad habit of asking myself "why is it like that" while studying for this ccna. I take it i will get more into the WHY for my ccnp or ccie tests?
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