How to connect to remote computer? step by step tutorial?

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Ok I live in the US but my cousin lives in Greece. now he isnt very good with using computers and such so i would like to connect to his computer, get some access and some basic things for him. For example,i tell him how to download and install Teamspeak but he doesnt know how to connect to it, or i tell him over msn messnger to send me some pictures in a zip file and he doesnt know how. So i figure if there is a way for me to connect to his PC so i can take the pics, put them in a folder, zip the folder and just ask him to send it to me.

is there a way to do something like that? any tutorials maybe?


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    Briefly (I'll leave the research to you :) ) you can use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Have him enable Remote Desktop on his PC (if it is XP). Then you need to configure any router/firewall on his end to allow or forward port 3389 TCP.

    On your end, you need to use Remote Desktop Connection to his computer. You will need his IP Address to do this.

    If he is running something other than XP you will need a third party tool like PCAnywhere or VNC.
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    LogMeIn is meant to be pretty good too.

    Never used it myself but I'm told you can get a free account to do basic remote control stuff.
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    yeah he is using XP, i will look into your instructions.
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    Can Remote Assistance be used for this?
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    yeah he is using XP, i will look into your instructions

    Bearing in mind that it has to be XP pro. The home edition doesn't support RDP.
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    The solution you need should have both remote control and file transfer capability. I've used pcAnywhere and GoToMyPC for servicing people remotely, and they'd seem to be what you should look in to.
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    great i will look into those programs too. yeah my pc and his are both running win XP home edition.
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