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I could really use the input right now guys. I'm currently attending Heald College heading towards an A.A.S. in IT, Net Sys Admin. I've been having trouble with teachers constantly teaching the wrong things so I correct them and get told I am wrong when in fact I am correct and they still say I'm wrong after I prove it.

For instance...

Last night in one of my classes my teacher was talking about databases and said that you could have more then one primary key. I immediatly said that "I would have to disagree" and he flat out responded with "Your Wrong". I have worked with databases for years now and know you can only have one but it can contain more than one field, but that doesn't make it two keys it makes it a multi-field primary key.

This teacher is still emailing me telling me that I am wrong. I am planning on switching to day classes instead of nights to see if those teachers are any more competant. My main question is this... If I decide to drop out. Can I achieve the same jobs by building up certs and working up work experience?


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    I would belive so, however Ca is oversatruarted in Tech jobs being used up. But i b elive Certs are just as good as the collage courses offer. Work expernce is the MOST importion thing there is. Employers can laugh at u even if u came out of collage with full honors if u dont have expernce. I mean sense your in it now i dont think ya should drop out but thats ur choice u already spent some money. My recommandation is MCSE and some Cisco courses. If your into networking. I know once i get my Server+ and Security+ im going to get my MCSE Windows 2003 in security and CCIE in Security and plan to be a network engineer dah my name title.

    So depends on how far u are in collage but either way u comeo ut collage or like most. Same thing is work expernce u neeed it man
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    thanks for the input and to answer your question I'm currently in the 1st out of 6 quarters.
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    Is that right....I graduated from Heald in Roseville with 2 AAS (Electronics and Networking), I took the Cisco program after I graduated.

    From my experience there, take the day classes...work is a little harder for the day and you will learn more, trust me on that.

    AAS is still nothing compared to bachelors which employers are seeking but its better than nothing, which is why I will be going back to school in the near future to get a bachelors.

    Theres just too much competition, so most employers filter the applicants with 4 year degree, and don't forget like 2-4 years on the job experience icon_rolleyes.gif
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