vmware or microsoft virtual machine

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which is better to use for 70-291 lab environment vmware or microsoft virtual machine?


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    I personally have only ever used vmware so I can't comment on MS. Vmware is gret and works great just make sure have enough memory. Persoanlly I think you need atleast a 1GB but you could get by with less. I think these two apps are basically the same so you can't go wrong with either one. MS is free right?
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    You probably need 3 2003 server and an additional xp computer under vmware, 1 GB ram is obviously not enough.
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    I like vmware's interface much more so than MS
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    Yeah you are probably right about the memory. Here is my setup and it works well and should be enough. P3, 512 RAM running windows 2003 server. P4, 1GB RAM, running XP pro with Vmware setup with 2 instances of windows 2003 server. Usually have only the one virtual server running but will run 2 to test things. Running with 2 slows it down alot.
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    I use VMWare Server. I have never used MS VM Server. I have 1.25GB of memory. When I run it under windows I can run 2003 server and 2 clients. When I run the Linux version I can run 2003 server and 3 clients and it does not degrade performance like it does under Windows.
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