Pass 272 this morning. New MCDST =)

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i took the 272 this morning. 50 Questions there. they were tricky. I was nervous about it because it had a lot of customizations and troubleshooting applications for office, outlook, IE ....etc ( seems like adaptive.....)

I was just barely enough to pass it. i got almost full scores (8.5 out 10) on 3 parts: security, connectivity for applications and usability. however, customerizations and troubleshooting applications almost knocked me down. its just around 6 /10 for both ( not even 7 out of 10).....I thought I could work better than this...before scheduling this exam, I thought I was more than enough to pass this seems like..i m just lucky tho...

oh well...pass is pass...however, i am gonna work on these 2 areas for more developments ....

now, my next stop is 270, then 290 and 291. I m heading MCSA. After MCSA, I have to stop for a while. =)

Thank you guys for alot of efforts, suggestions, opinions. very informative, apperciative. A plus. highly recommended

This is a great website. Thank you.

tak tsoi
mean people SUCK !!! BACK OFF !!!
The Next Stop is, MCSE 2003 and CCNA.
Bachelors of Technology in 1 More Year.

-Working on CCENT. Thank you my love <3


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