New Horizons vs. Techskills

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I am interested in taking a few classes for the MCSE certification and was wondering if anyone has used either New Horizons or Techskills. If so, how are they? Also, would you advise using a class or self-study. Thanks in advance.


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    I have mixed results with NH. It really depends on the instructor. However, I would never fork out the $$$ out of my own pocket. I would only go to NH if an employer was paying.
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    I agree with sprkymrk..

    The only classes I've had with NH were ones that work paid for... I was not impressed with those classes at all!
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    I have bad experience with NH, but most of it is administrative, and may be localized to the Tampa area. But then I did send an email of complaint to HQ, and got no reply, but apparently those that I complained about did hear about it from HQ. Would be nice if they would send acknowledgements of receipt at least.
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    Hey everyone,

    I've been a part-timer at Techskills for almost 2 years now. I didn't have any certs when I showed up and didn't know what to expect. The director of Techskills in my town turned out to be the husband of my wife's friend, so that influenced it a little bit, but after seeing all the facts, I made the best choice between the two. NH is like classes for work in a lecture style setting where most of the people there don't care...kind of like a driving course you have to take after getting a speeding ticket.

    Techskills allows you to work at your own pace and take the classes that fit you. I actually booked 14 months of unlimited certifications at Techskills for the cost of getting my MCSA at NH.

    It took me about 14 months...while I was working full time too...but I got A+, then N+, then CCNA, then MCP - MCSA - MCSE 2003 certs. Don't forget that with Techskills you can work from the campus, home, or your's accessable anywhere except for the tests that they give and the vendor tests...but you can study from China if you need to.

    I have to beat the recruiters off with a stick now...and that was the plan all do what I love and get paid for it. So with out a doubt I give TechSkills two way thumbs up
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    I wouldn't pay the cash to go to either techskills or New Horizons. I take most of my exams at a New Horizons but that is all I use them for. Personally I feel that self study is the best method for most certifications. Just my 2 cents.
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    You can purchase a lot of books and even some CBTNuggets or Trainsignal material if you like the instructor-lead style for what you pay for classes (plus you then own the material and can review it as often as needed).

    Our company received a complimentary class so I 'won' the honors and took the InDesign class that was offered. They gave us a "InDesign:Classroom in a Book" as the 'text' and read from the I thought the class was poor, though I do like the Classroom in a Book series, but if I'd paid for that class...I'd been a bit ticked when I could have just purchased the book a lot cheaper then their courses cost. I've had a couple clients who have enjoyed their classes. Just depends.
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