291 harder than the 293?

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I recently passed the 291 and I am now studying for the 293. Why is the 291 is referred to as the "The Beast" and the 293 doesn't seem to have a formidable nickname. Is it because the 291 is more difficult?


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    I too have recently passed 291 and have been studying 93 for a few weeks now. It seems to me that 91 is more difficult, for the most part it seems that 91 and 93 could be one big test. 93 is simply a continuation of 91, although I am finding that 93 is much easier because of the knowledge aquired during the process of studying for 91. If you use the natural progression of going from 90 to 91 to 93 the latter is easy, I think that is why there isn't a nickname of the beast part 2.
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    I'd say 293 is easier than 291 although there are some interesting topics covered in 293 like PKI, Clustering and NLB that are not covered in 291.
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    293 was a hard test, but not as hard as 291. There is a lot of material that overlaps. I was surprised not to have a sim with NLB. But I'm sure somewhere in the bank of sims for the exam that there is one.
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    291 is a pretty hard exam, the hardest I've written so far. 293 expands on a lot of concepts used in 291 and introduces some new ones, Clustering and NLB, PKI, certificate services, sites, more security, DNS design and planning, WINS, etc. It really fills in the gaps of all the things that weren't touched on by 291 and gives an idea as to the fundamentals of designing a network infrastructure, making it very aptly named! Again, study and hands-on labs wins the day, it's not something easily "guessed" without understanding the concepts and implementing them in a lab environment.
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