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icon_eek.gif They wouldn't end. The testlets -- they wouldn't stop. I kept waiting for the multiple choice questions -- they never came!

One giant humongous neverending Shaggy Dog Story Case Study. They just kept adding stuff.... and adding stuff.... and adding stuff. I quickly figured out to just jump to the bottom of each new testlet to check out the new information. An occasionaly testlet that could have been presented as a multiple choice question broke up the shear terror of this exam. icon_eek.gif And sometimes there was nothing new added -- just more questions within a "question."

Now this is what a design exam should be! I give the IP Telephony Design exam (642-414) icon_thumright.gificon_thumright.gif

Now that I think about it, and can put it in perspective -- the CCDA exam wasn't that/this bad/good. icon_lol.gif

drunken_smilie.gifdrunken_smilie.gifdrunken_smilie.gif Celebrating and trying to forget!! Testlets! Make them go away!! Argh!! All this for just another stupid CQS. Why am I such a sucker for Design?

Time to double the caffeine intake and focus 100% on the CCIE Lab exams -- starting tomorrow.
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