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I have my CWNA 3rd Edition already...after I finish my server+, I want to take up the CWNA. In my job, we are handling the connection of the wireless client, We are using Aeronet 1200 from Cisco but somebody from the network side handles the MAC Filtering, Is it ok to always handles troubleshooting and connectivity problem or buy my own WAP to pass this exam. cause after this, I need to upgrade my MCSE cert already


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    I dont' know much if anything about wireless.

    But a usb wireless lan adapter cost me 12.50$, an AP cost me 23.50$.

    So, unless you are getting yourself some heavy duty wireless equipment, it shouldn't be that expensive.
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    We are already implementing wireless networking through 802.11g but my only question is being a wireless client support for connection and troubleshooting of WLAN, is it enough so that I will not buy my own Wirelee Access Point, or I really need an Access point for my studies....I really want to pass my CWNA sunce we are already implementing it..
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    For the CWNA, you will need experience with both the client and access point sides of the wireless connection. What you really need to know is what features are controlled by which side, how the two sides handshake, and where to look to diagnose and fix problems with wireless connectivity. There are several different firmware distributions for the Linksys WRT54G with have a lot of different feature that you should have a working knowledge of.

    This thread has more information on what you need to know for the CWNA: http://www.techexams.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16827
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    this is only a reply thread mr. jdmurray? anyway, I must buy a linksys WAP so that I can really understand the WAP Connectivity...not only signal strength, security(WEP)(LEAP), and others settings in infrastructure mode which can be seen on client side...Thanks...
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    I've fixed the link. It's to another posting in this forum. Reading through the postings in this forum is a good way to get an idea of the knowledge and experience that you will need for the CWNA exam.
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