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below is one QOD that I got from cramsession that I have question on..

Does show ip protocol shows INTERFACES they are operating on???
Someone please explain as my show ip pro shows below

router2#sh ip protocols

Routing Protocol is "ospf 1"
Sending updates every 90 seconds, next due in 10 seconds
Invalid after 30 seconds, hold down 0, flushed after 60
Outgoing update filter list for all interfaces is
Incoming update filter list for all interfaces is
Redistributing: ospf 1
Routing for Networks: area 0
Routing Information Sources:
Gateway Distance Last Update 110 00:00:06 0 00:00:03
Distance: (default is 110)

You are troubleshooting routing protocols on your router. You want to see a list of routing protocols configured on the router, and the interfaces they are operating on, or the neighbors they are communicating with. Which single command can you use? Select the best answer.

You answered:
show ip route

Sorry, that is incorrect.

A. show ip local policy
This command will display policy routing settings configured for the particular router on which the command is being executed. This is not related to dynamic routing protocols.

B. show ip route
This frequently used command is used to display the routing table on a router. Although it can give some understanding about the routing protocols running on the system, this information would be far from being exhaustive, and some routing protocols may be missing.

C. show ip cache policy
This command will display IP policy routing cache information. This is not related to IP routing protocols.

D. show ip protocols
The show ip protocols command displays a list of all the routing protocols configured on a router. It also displays routing protocol specific configuration settings.

E. show protocols
This command will provide a list of all the interfaces on a router, and will indicate their network layer addresses. This information is not related to IP routing protocols.


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    Yes and No. show ip protocols will show you interfaces which match your network command statements, but that is not a condition that routing protocol is running on them. You can disable interface, and it would be shown in show ip protocols (but becouse you disable that one, actually no routing exchange is running on it). So it depends on definion of "operating on inteface".

    you can read this info from show ip route, but not allways. (for example: you can have rip running on interface, but if there is no router connected, you wouldn't find out, that this interface is running rip with show ip route)

    I would choose show ip eigrp/ospf interface. And then show ip protocols, becouse other answers are indeed wrong.

    with rip running, you have a list of interfaces in show ip protocols, with ospf not (but you have there "Routing information sources:" section, which can bu usefull...). Was this question asking for ospf specifically?
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    well everything i posted was the entire question.. bit unclear.. but thanks for your explanation.. which was clear
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