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I got my A+, Network+ CST, CNST in 2002, and got my I-net+ last year around this time. I am a tech director for a public school system, I got good job security right now but realize I might want to move into the corporate world for more money later on.

I have been working with Windows XP/2K3 setup for a while. I work with Active Directory, and 2k3 server all the time every day along with Mainly XP and a couple 2000 clients. I have always been interested in Security based aspects of networking. The MCSE stuff is a bore to me really, and I've been through the cisco networking academy, and didn't really work enough with Cisco products to keep all that stuff in my mind fresh.

I am looking at getting my Security+ and Server+, I also teach night courses on A+ and Network+ at a local tech center. Do you guys think the Security+ and Server+ would look real good, or are they kind of a waste of time like the I-Net+ was in my opinion.

I am thinking of getting my MCSE now that I have the cash to take the tests. That was the only thing stopping me when I was in college taking MCSE based classes. $125.00 for 7 tests back then were to much for someone who lived on Roman icon_neutral.gif
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    You indicated you were interested in security. For the MCSA/MCSE, you can get a security specialization depending on the electives chosen, as you need two security electives instead of the one normal elective.
    Security+ can be one of the security electives as well as satisfy the one elective requirement.
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    I donlt think server+ will hold much weight as it's not well known

    security+ is more widley known (IMO) plus lots of companies are parnaoid about security.

    I think u really should look into getting some MS certs even if you wanted to get your MCSA + security or even your MCSA and jsut the secrity +. if you work with the stuff daily the exams are easier.

    if your working with MS products it is wise to become ceertified IMO.
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    Server+ isn't a bad thing, nor is it a waste of time. However, I think that Security+, along with MCSA/MCSE would probably be a better way to prioritize your time. Security+ has done wonders for my resume, and it's very handy to have as an elective for MCSA/MCSE. From what you're describing, you're looking to step up from the CompTIA world, and find things that are better worth your time. (I know the MCSE work can be harsh and/or dull, at times, but the end result is worth it.)

    Looking at your experience, you probably wouldn't have a hard time picking up your Cisco training again, and spending a few months to study and put away the CCNA, as well. Again, it's one of those things that might seem like more trouble than it's worth, but it's well worth it in the end. Still, the MCSE seems to be your best bet.

    Beyond that, I don't know if you have any need/desire to pursue Linux or Unix certifications. There is RHCE, there are lots of different certs from Novell, for SuSE, there is SCSA from Sun. Or, maybe you'd have more of an interest in pursuing security certs, like C|EH or even CISSP. With all of the more advanced security certs, (especially CISSP,) it helps to have MCSE and CCNA, along with some Unix and Linux experience.

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    Well a wise forum IT guy told me coincide your certifications with what you want to do. if you you want to make lots money its gonna be harder exams. if you just wanna be happy in your career chose certs that fall in that field.

    p.s. I read a post where a guy said ccie is the most powerful certification
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