Network admin job :D

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I finaly ( I think ) , got a , let's say part time job as a network admin on a network in Bucharest.

I accidentaly meet a guy on the net ,who needed a network admin ( who can configure and manage sometime the network ) and he say he will make a big network , and when need me , will say.

Now he say's he need me , just configuring some Linux thing's and some troubleshooting time to time.I get some profit per month , I get up to 400$ raising to 1000$ and more.

The network is now 300 user's and growing.

I think is a good place to start , tomorrow I'll speak with him , and I'll be so happy winning my own money. icon_cool.gif

P.S. : Internet demand in Romania is very very big , and winning's like a network admin there cand raise spectaculous. icon_eek.gif
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