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hey all, im new to the scene and i wanted to know is security all that hard , keep in mind im a student and have no previous experience / i have A+and net+. i want to try to have 3 certs that i can put on my resume before im finished with school this fall, thinking bout going after server or security+ . i see the passing score for security is higher than the rest. should i go after server or security?

i already purchased exam cram 2 for server+ just waiting for it in the mail..

wht study material is decent and complete enough to pass for both ?


  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Posts: 2,157Member
    Either one is good to have but I think the Security+ is more valued than the Server+. The other thing to consider is that the Security+ by it self is an elective for the MCSE and MCSA certs while the Server+ is only good for the MCSA and even then the Server+ has to be pared with the A+ which you already have.
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    I chose security +. like what was stated previously, i'm using it as an elective for getting my MCSA. I was going to take my A+ and Net+ but decided that I only wanted to take one test instead of two

    I've sat and passed microsoft 270, 290, and 291 and all that's left is my security +. I figured I'd save the easiest for last.
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    I wolud say Sec+ will do mroe for you professionally than server+

    server+ is based on a number of different NOS (to my understanding). But would not give u enough of a foundation in any one of them to really administer them.

    security is something you need for every thing in the environment and most concepts are independent of a paticular set up whether you have MS, UNIX, LINUX, Mac networks you still need security.

    besides alot of compaines are concerned about Security...and it looks better on your Resume to put Comptia Certified Security Specialist thna server specialist... atleast IMO
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    i see the majority say security over server+, me im still not sure i already bought the book for server as stated earlier, i mite see if i can get a cheap book on security also. i may try to do both eventually ,but may go for the server first since the passing score isnt as high as security. Ive passed every thing so far on the first try with a free voucher from my school. but these 2 certs arent in the program so i wud have to go on my own. i say what ever i can get by on the first time i'll roll with it. i dont plan on going more than once. nail it and keep it moving!!!
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    Don't go too cheap on Sec+. Lots of detailed trivia, and often one source will be missing some, another source missing others.
    I've used Sybex, Syngress and TechExams.
    Originally only used Sybex, and was suprised to fail by 7 points: probably one lousy question.
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