Does anyone know of any basic database cert? I know there's MCTS, OCA, IBM DB2...but they're all pretty "advanced"...

I'm looking for more or less database "programming" level cert as oppose to the above named where it's at a "administrative" level.

Unless I'm wrong, and those are actually pretty entry? Anybody with these certs could give a few words?
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    I'm not really familiar with the new MCTS track, but the MCDBA seemed pretty basic. One administrative exam was required. Thing is, you need to know the basic admin stuff anyway if you're going to be working with databases that much.

    If you want to be a programmer only, you are going to need to focus on more than just SQL.
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    I have looked as well, and have not found any foundation level SQL certifications (Brainbench may have one or two, but I personally don't pursue those). All the ones I have seen (that I believe are worth pursuing) are vendor specific.

    The MCDBA certification requires four exams, only two of which are database related (70-228 & 70-229). Although you don't get any specific cert, 70-229 is the TSQL / DB Programming certification exam.

    I plan on pursuing both the MCDBA and MCTS (and possibly the MCITP) tracks for SQL Server, mainly due to the fact that these are the databases we use at work and I'm able to apply practical experience with my study habits.

    Just yesterday I did pick up the MCTS (70-431) Exam Cram and began reading it. As you state, it is mainly installation, administration, and maintenance of SQL Server 2005, not really TSQL or SQL programming related. I wouldn't call it an advanced cert though (although I'll confirm that after taking the exam), as the objectives look fairly straight forward, and it appears MS has the more advanced MCITP exams that go into more detail with tracks for DBA, DB Programmers, or BI Administrators/DB Warehousing.

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    If you guys want to chat about any MCTS exams, especially the 70-536 foundations exam, come over to the MCSD/MCPD forum and help me shoo away the crickets.
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    JDMurray wrote:
    ... come over to the MCSD/MCPD forum and help me shoo away the crickets.

    Ha ha! Well jdmurray, I'd love to start working on my development certs, but it's tough when I've got another 5 or 6 network admin related ones... but who knows... one can only study so much TCP/IP / AD / Security right?! No... oh well...

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    I don't know about "basic", but I have heard of most database vendors releasing their own certs, much like Microsoft does. I'm sure you check MySQL's website, they have something about their cert. Given, it's not something you hear about all the time, all over the place, but it's something. Of course, DB2 and Oracle will surely have their own, as well. It'll be more of a matter of which vendor you think you'll work with the most, which one gives the most neutral test, (be it MySQL's open approach, or MS and Oracle's market-hogging approach,) and which one you think will look best on your resume.

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