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Prepared myself for the exam throughout the last 2 months. 1st month I spent studying my ass off using MS press,measurup,cbt nugget etc. Failed the first time so I got back to the books recalling soft areas and trying to recall specific questions. 1 week later feeling prepared I approached the test with a more confident approach. Unfortunatelly I was once again had scoring a 678 and missing a pass by what I calculated to be 1 question. Forced to wait two weeks knowing I wouldnt be had again I sat the exam today. Recognizing similar questions from exam 1/2 and recalling my reviews and training I passed today with a score of 871.

I have never failed any exam before so needless to say this exam by far was frustrating. A few months prep and Ill update you all on my 294 exam, hopefully I will only have to post 1 score this time instead of 3.

Just as a side note, I feel the exam ALL comes down the the simulators. Their distinct wording is slightly tricky and a misplaced check mark can cost you from what Ive been told 10% per simulator(most tests have 3). I cant stress this enough to set up a test enviroment and work yourself silly configuring DHCP scopes, ALL things DNS, know how to configure security templates and also configure SUS. If most of you could see the ice cold bud light in my hand you'd see that I am happy this is over!!! icon_lol.gif


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    wish i could say the same. the Bud sounds good! I'm going to keep at it and focus more on the simulators myself.

    MS does make the simulators tricky. I noticed on my exams that they put the wrong data in a certain area to see if you'd let it go by. Of course if you recognixe it, you fix it.
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    Well congratulations finally! :D

    Each one of us has an exam out there waiting to nail us, so don't worry about not passing the first (and second) time. I did the same on my CCNA.

    Good luck on the next one. icon_cool.gif
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    As my boss said to me after I didnt pass the second time," You havent failed the exam until you've stop trying to take it".

    Actually a quote that I'll prob. use many more times.

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