DNS and router table issue after reconfig of DNS servers??

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hey gurus


we have been having slow logons with XP pro only
none of our 2k pro machines sit at Applying Computer Settings
for 3-5 minutes. They are random times, users, and PCs.

we have been also having network issues with cracking of our phone lines and slow network movement; users tell me
that their applications are running slow( the applications using the network).

no event erros leading to believe it is DNS? wtf! guys!

had to reboot all 3 network(site) routers the other day to
refresh the network again and it worked. all three routers
were stalling..wtf is going on with the routers all stalling.
not responding and all. what causes this?
do you think DNS plays a role or maybe when we change the DNS configuration on our DNS servers the routers didnt get the updated DNS information and maybe routing tables in the routers are jacked???? what you guysthink


i have sqeezed performance out of GPO and each PC with all the tricks but nothing! and nothing in event logs on clients and DCs????

DNS and routers/tables is what I think help!
thanks icon_eek.gif


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    Might want to monitor the traffic to see what you have traversing your network.

    Or have you already?
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    I am no router expert (where's Mike?) but your DNS changes won't affect them directly. However, what kind of DNS changes did you make? I vaguely remember your previous post on that issue. Did you change the internal IP Addressing scheme or just DNS servers? If you changed internal ip ranges then your routers need to know about it.

    Do you have an IDS or logs that can give you an idea of what's going on?
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    for example:
    (not really exact IPs but same concept)

    4 remote sites
    1 domain
    Active Directory Integrated SRV1 (server 1) DNS/DC/Print Server (2000)
    p 1.1
    s 2.1
    clients: 1.1, 2.1 SRV2 " DNS/DC/Print Server (2000)
    p 1.1
    s 2.1
    clients 2.1, 1.1 SRV3 " DNS/DC/Print Server (2000)
    clients 3.1, 1.1 SRV4 " DNS/DC/Print Server (2003)

    clients 4.1, 1.1

    i have read once the SRV record is established put
    each DC back to pointing to self as primary DNS.
    we never had issues until he changed this.
    but it happened say a few weeks or so after this reconfig
    of DNS.

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    Well then as I said in your other thread, change it back one step at a time until it's fixed. Then start over on your changes AFTER researching the best practices.

    It seems clear that the changes foo-barred something. What is stopping you from changing it back to a time when it worked?

    I think Danman32 also suggested more than once to run the netdiag utility. Have you done that?

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    I was introduced to the netdiag tool last week, it's great. RUN IT. On each DC.
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    I agree run Network Monitor on each server to discover the problem could be with the servers. Also I would monitor each network segment to check for lost/slow packages. Since it seems that you only have 4 segments this should not take long. Ethereal should do the job.
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