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I am currently taking an A+ course at a local college.
I have been to 6 different web sites, with six different A+ Core test exams. Some tests are more difficult than others, some questions I had no idea what the answer was.
I just finished A+ Core at school and I passed all the course tests, but I am weary about going my the cert.
I see alot of exam prep cd's on the market. Anyone have any suggestions on who has the best exam prep packages?
Is it possible to KNOW and remember all this material?


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    PavlovPavlov Member Posts: 264
    It is possible to know and actually remember a lot of this stuff - much easier to do if you use it daily icon_wink.gif

    As for the various questions you are finding on the internet search for and take as many of these as you can find. I used the ExamDrill product, but hindsight being 20/20, it was basically a paid **** - I saw every question on my test in that practice software icon_redface.gif

    When you find questions that you don't agree with the answers ask here for help. That's a good sign that you're also closer to ready to take the test. Many of these practice tests are harder than the real tests but many also have errors (of course, not the ones on this site icon_wink.gif )
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    hey dudes i was wondering if any one can find the questions to the A + book B/C iam having no luck and have been sick for 3 weeks and need to play catch up
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    CrossCross Member Posts: 234
    B/C? There are several places to get questions and answers to prep for your A+ exam.
    Want to purchase a module try Tanscender or Examessential.
    In all fairness Techexams has a list of questions and answers that can help you on your way
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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    joeperry wrote:
    Is it possible to KNOW and remember all this material?

    like pavlov said, a lot of it sinks in and is learned through useage.

    you may think that you know the core objectives better than the o/s objectives because you like to get your hands inside a computer and upgrade it.

    but what a lot of people do not understand is that they deal with the o/s every day. and deal with it more so when they upgrade. knowing the control panel and what it can do, is one of the keys to the o/s exam.
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