Any good resources for Organizational Security & Hardeni

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Hi ,I wish I've seen this forum ealier !

My exam is this Thursday, I can't say I am well-prepared and now I am hesitating if I should reschedule the exam or not !

Yet, I counldn't find any good resource of Operational/organizational security & hardening , could you guide me to some !

Many thanks


  • RussSRussS Posts: 2,068Member
    I suggest that if you feel uncomfortable or not prepard then reschedule the exam. The idea is to go in being confident without being cocky.

    Have you read the technotes here yet?
    FIM website of the year 2007
  • If you want to learn:

    read the manual there!
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    Hi RussS,
    You are correct, I will reschedule it to a quite far date so I could learn easily not under the pressure of the exam date icon_rolleyes.gif
    TechNotes is my first resource and after it is Thomson

    Hi agustinchernitsky and thanks for the link. The pdfs look very informative.

    still I cannot find on them the fields I've mentioned icon_sad.gif
    Syngress has the hardening , I think I need to buy the book
    but organizational security ??? where I can find it ?
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