Major vent!!

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Sorry guys but I just need to vent before I seriously explode.

I have just had enough of this job. I liked it for a while but things went sour since I changed projects in July. Basically I am do project work for the Active Directory team. At the end of the last 3 projects I did I decided to stay on and take this project up - NT 4.0 decom. Now I can't believe how much NT 4 they have but to make matters worse everything changed after I signed my contract.

First of all I was meant to project manage it. This function was taken away from me, despite successfully project managing other tasks, for political reasons. So this firstly puts me down to just part of the project team.

Then the project had no defined scope and more of the crap work was being forced in. It was simply up to me to assess NT 4 servers and remove them after I was told they were no longer needed. Now there are no defined owners for the servers and no one knows if/who/why about the servers usage. So I reach a stalemate, nothing I can do.

Then they get another 2 people, who have experience in the heritage environment, to find this information and give me servers to decom - so now I am not even doing technical analysis anymore. I am just raising change requests and removing servers from domains.

So yes I am bored sh!tless. Then what do they do? Start adding in work that no one else wants to do to me. I'm not even part of their team!! So its all crap no one else wants to do.

So if you look at it overall I have slipped from Project Manager/Technical lead position to a trainee sh!tkicker. I have tried to hold on as long as I can but I don't think I can do it. I have 6 more weeks before I have to leave but everyday drags on soooo long. I am surrounded by anti-social whinging manager and can't do a thing without someone looking over my shoulder.

I am just frustrated and angry because this was not what i was contracted to do. I project manage, consult, technical lead not whatever they feel like giving me. If they had of said this upfront I would have left and got something else. So I have just been hanging on until now hoping someting will change but it hasn't.

I don't know how much longer I can take it. 6 weeks doesn't sound like long but right now the thought of another 6 weeks here makes me want to jump off a cliff.


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    Wow - icon_eek.gif - icon_mad.gif - icon_eek.gif
    That is bad. Do you have something lined up after the 6 weeks is up, or do have to find something else within the same company or elsewhere?
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    Can kind of understand how you feel as its started to get like this here, they keep moving the goal posts and anything that someone else doesnt like they 'run off and tell teacher'. icon_evil.gif

    Anyway not to take the focus of your post, it does sound bad there having to do things that may be below you. You just have to look at it as experience and learn from it. Just keep reminding yourself that its paying the bills and try and get through it.

    I know this doesnt help much and i do sympathise, personally i would keep my head down and spend the time looking for more work. If you have it in writing what you should be doing and its nothiing you are doing cannot you take this up with someone?
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    Well nothing, and I mean nothing here is in writing. Other people have the same kind of issues as well. You'd be surprised who I work for because you'd think they'd be very together and on top of their IT dept. Perhaps I'll let know who they are when I finish up here but I can tell you it is a huge financial company.

    As for my plans well........and this kind of helps........... I am heading back to my home town after 2 years away from sunny Perth. I am really excited about it and I have planned to take the rest of the year off (2 months) when I get home (sun, beaches and bbqs :) ). So this is why I don't want to leave now because I need that cash to take my holiday and I haven't had any time off (except for mad site seeing in Europe) since I got to London.

    So I do have a lot to look forward to but some days just get me down. I went to the gym and had a good session so I do feel a bit better.

    And also feel better after getting that out. I'm just going to pace myself, I got myself a good refree as I get along with one of my managers really well.

    Thanks guys ;)

    But just to give an idea - 8 years experience, MCSE, Previously project managing 3 people on a major impact project to upgrade all Domain Controllers to Windows 2003, communications and planning involved throughout the whole region of EMEA - good for the resume too, and then onto my next task........................ Shutting down and NT 4 server, building a plain w2k3 box from an image because someone is to lazy to do it themselves. Where did it all go wrong!!
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