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I have downloaded a study guide for CWNa prep. Its Second edition from Planet3 official guide.
1. Is there new edition or new /updated study guide avaliable?
2. If is there big difference cause place where I am this course is not very famous atm will take some time?
3. I had no guidence so the only equipment I have is SMC wireless and notebook with wifi adaptor is this enough.
4. Any tips how to go about the course.


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    The CWNA Study Guide, 3rd edition, is what you will need to study for the current CWNA exam. Other study guides, like the one from PrepLogic, are useful, but you really need the CWNP's own study guide and practice tests for the best chance to pass.

    The more wireless software, firmware, and hardware you have practical, working experience with using the better your chances are for passing. Usually only one wireless setup is not enough to learn from. Cisco equipment and materials are good for studying wireless networking.

    Read the CWNA Study Guide and check what topics you don't understand. Read the postings on this forum and the one at You already have a good start having a CCNA certification; now you need to apply what you know about networks to 802.11.
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    Thanks for the recomendation for the book and I see the rave reviews for the book however what's the difference between this one and ISBN 0471789526 which is Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide? Only difference I see is that your recommendation may be older and out of date?
    Would getting the newer one be any better than the other "maybe" older one?

    Thanks for your help!
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    ISBN 0471789526 is the book published by Sybex for the CWNA exam. This is not the official CWNA study guide published by Planet3. However, I am reading through the Sybex book now, and it too is an excellent study reference for the CWNA exam. I recommend getting the CWNA Study Guide by Planet3 for your primary study guide, and the Sybex book for additional study material.
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    Ahh, yes, after posting I realized that the other book was a Sybex one and will just buy your recommended one first along with the practice test.
    Thanks again!
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    No problem. Post any questions you need help with and we'll see what we can do! :D
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