Anonymous Browsing Debate

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A group have releaed an open source anonymous version of Firefox.


Now anonymous browsing in its self isnt new but something so easy and readily available in one package This differs from a Proxy server in that the connection out through your ISP is also secured.

Im just cursious as to people thoughts on this, and also do you think that goverments will do what they can to prevent things like this as it makes crime detection and prevention a lot harder.

No doubt the other argument it how much privacy do we sacrifice in the name of democracy?
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    It can only be as anonymous as the trustworthiness of the company running the servers. Depending on which countries this company's network operates in the records could still be supoenaed I suppose.
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    The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is a bunch of Attorneys, and although they recommend the TOR (The Onion Router) and possibly the Torpark browser, I'm not sure if they host the TOR itself.

    I read this in a ComputerWorld article, the really, really cool thing is this is a browser that will run on a thumb drive. (I'm a huge fan of portable applications, that don't need to install stuff onto a hard drive and all into the OS).

    I plan on trying it out instead of portable Firefox, as long as it is not too much slower.

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  • wildfirewildfire Member Posts: 654
    That was the problem is slower as all your traffic has to go via their network. Also the bad fallout from this would be it would allow pedophiles etc to roam freely! On the flip side I dont like the idea of everything I do and say being analyzed profiled and then later sold of to some blood sucking marketing company!!
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