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I have an interview coming up this Saturday. It's great that it is on Saturday, I don't have to take vacation time from work.

It is with a local internet service provider.

First, how should I dress? I usually wear a jacket, tie, nice pants and nice black shoes. Should I do the same for this interview, or should I dress more casually (not jeans though). I know it is supposed to be better to overdress a little rather than underdress, but I was thinking a Saturday interview might warrant a more casually appearance.

I have my A+, Net+ and MCP (Windows XP) certs and I am currently studying Windows Server 2003 for the 70-290 test. My immediate goal is MCSA, then find a job and see what direction to go from there. Or if I get this job, see what would be best to study based on their needs.

What sorts of things should I be prepared to talk about in an interview with an ISP? The job was listed as "Computer / Internet Support". I don't know anything else about it yet.

I have never been very good at interviews and everybody tells me I don't have enough experience. I think if I were more of a salesman I could have already had a job in IT. I need all the help I can get here.

Thanks in advance.


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    I work for a small ISP - tech support, networking, etc.

    I would probably dress nice, but no suit. Be relaxed in attitude - not overly formal. Do you have experience with Linux? Do you have phone support / troubleshooting experience? Are you familiar with troubleshooting basic networking problems? Do you understand DNS? Do you have a basic understanding of networking troubleshooting tools and how to use them like ping and telnet? Have you used Remote Desktop or VNC? Are you familiar with supporting various email clients? Do you know how to handle an irate caller? Do you communicate your instructions in a clear manner? Do you use logical thought processes? Do you work well with others?

    Those are the sorts of questions to ask yourself in preparation.

    Also, I would find out whatever you can about them - so they know you've done your research. Also, when they ask if you have any questions - have some prepared so you give the impression at least that you are interested in them and their business.

    Finally, don't volunteer any negative information about yourself or others - unless they ask specifically for your "weaknesses." If they do ask about what you consider your "weakness," have an answer ready that you can turn into a postive. For example - "my weakness is that I tend be too detail oriented, and occasionally try to do too much for the customer, but that happens mainly because I actually care about the customer having a good experience and the image of the company."

    My 2 Cents.
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    Good answer. I will try to come up with answers to those questions. I usually try to "just be myself" and not have too much in the way of "canned" answers. I do pretty well answering those types of questions, but maybe a little more preparation is in order.

    Thank you, I appreciate that.
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    What kind of pay is reasonable to ask for this kind of job?
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    briangl wrote:
    What kind of pay is reasonable to ask for this kind of job?

    The answer depends on several variables:

    1) Location and competitive wages in your area.
    2) Traditional starting pay at that ISP.
    3) Your experience, work history, and salary history.

    All that said - I would expect to start between $10 & $14 per hour. If under $10 - forget it. Also, make sure there is plenty of opportunity for advancement and wage increase.
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    Probably no need to wear a suit, but a Nice shirt and Tie with clean/pressed trousers would be a good way to go.(IMNSHO).

    If your typically a suit guy, then it's not really a stretch and you wouldn't appear to have 'dressed-up' for the interview as it sounds like your regular business attire. As you mentioned it being a Saturday, skipping the jacket probably will work, unless you live in a cold climate and will be wearing a jacket anyway.

    What type of work wll you be doing? If you'll be working with clients, but expected to 'fix' things infront of them, Shirt/Tie probably ok. If you'll be working in the office with occassional people/clients stopping in...Jacket/Tie.

    Really it depends on the company. See if you can determine what is 'normal' business dress for their current employees and take it a slight step higher.

    As mentioned, be positive and answer only what is asked. :)

    Best of luck!
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