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In the past I've said I wasn't interested in the Linux+ exam because I as going to pursue the RHCE. Well, I still plan to pursue the RHCE, but given that Linux+ will allow me to gain credit for 2 more classes, I think it's worth the cash to avoid wasting 20 weeks to get credit for things I already probably know.

That being said, I plan to knock out Linux+ and Sec+ after I finish my MCSA. If anyone has recommendations for study guides for Linux+, I'd be greatful for the suggestions
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    the Sybex book seems pretty good sofar... I haven't gotten too far into it though.

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    Yes the Sybex book seems to be the one most recommended.
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    When I was asking about a guide for Linux+, I got recommendations for the Sybex book and the Linux+ Bible. I compared both at a store, and ended up going with Sybex. Don't remember why.

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