Some issues with blocking and allowing ping

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Hi you all,

I've been thinking about this and I've tried several things, so I suppose I have a little too less knowledge to get this one right.

I've got 3 subnets, for each subnet there is one router controlling the ways in (and out).

In subnet A there is a management pc that is allowed to ping every pc in any subnet. In subnet B there are 2 pc's. The router that "controls" this subnet has on his fa0/0 interface an access list that denies all trafic(fa0/0 in direction). The pc's in that subnet (subnet B) cannot (and may not) reach any other pc in any of the other subnets.

However, the pc's in subnet B should be able to respond to a ping from the management pc in subnet A. Since an access list is blocking the ping reply from the pc's in subnet B the management pc does not know whether the ping was successful.

In short: From subnet B only ping replies to one specific pc in subnet A are allowed. Subnet B pc's are not allowed to ping to other subnets, they may only reply to a ping from a specific pc.

Could anyone please tell me whether this is possible? (and kindly tell how icon_redface.gif )

many many thanks,

ps: I can allow all pinging activity from the managemant pc to subnet B pc's (and vice versa), but unfortunalely subnet B pc's can ping back, I just have to try to prevent them to be able to do that...



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