can someone please explain the source mac address

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pc1 ----switch1

Pratice test answers that source MAC pc2 will see(if pc1 wanted to talk to pc2), will be e0's mac address as source.. why not e1's source of router A?
I thought

when router A sees the packet to pc2, it has to do arp and then rebuild its ethernet trailer & header but source mac would be e1..

Can someone please explain this to me or point me to the URL?


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    It should be the e1 MAC in the src field, since the router will create a new frame to send to PC2.

    Check for errata on that question.
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    Hey !

    I'll try to get this one for you :
    pc1 ----switch1

    When PC1 comunicate's with PC2 , PC2 will see like source address coming from PC1 e1 ( router ) MAC .
    When PC2 comunicate's with PC1 , PC1 will see like source address cominng from PC2 e0 ( router ) MAC.

    When PC1 per example send's the pachet to PC2 , it first get's from PC1 with PC1 MAC address like a source , it passes thourgh swtich1 unchanged and then routed thourgh e0 ( gw ) to e1 ( changes the source in MAC address or router e1 ) and so on PC2 saws router e1 MAC address.

    Maybe you got the point now ? icon_wink.gif
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    cant even answer their own questions .....
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