last week of study, book ideas?

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Hey guys, i test next monday the 2nd! This week i want to spend "cramming" for the exam, pretty much memorizing little details as i have hte concepts down pretty good. I also plan on doing alot of simulator stuff. Messing with my netsim and whatnot.

I went to the book store yesterday and saw they had two pretty good looking books. Exam Cram 2.0 and also CCNA fast pass (todd lammle). Has anyone used these with success? i like the idea of not having to carry around my Sybex Study Guide and these books are a bit smaller.

Whatcha think? just stick with the Study Guide or dish out the money for the crammers?

Need answer quick, thinking about going back to the store today before they close!




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    For the CCNA anything by Todd Lamle is good.
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    i have CCNA fast pass, its a great book cuz it goes through each topic one by one and explain what you need to know, it doesnt have a great depth of information but its good for just a general overview of every part of the exam.
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    kewl thanks! so far fast pass is winning. I think i will definatly pick it up this week. SOunds like a great book to read a couple times directly before testing! Drill in some specifics before going in for the kill! :D
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    Yea I agree, Fast Pass is an excellent book. Explains thing very well and its an easy read too!! icon_wink.gif
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    picking it up this afternoon! Thanks for the replies. im now less than one week out! icon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gif
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    Take it easy the night before the exam. The day before my exam I didn't even touch any of my CCNA books. I didn't even study while waiting to take the exam. I figured if I didn't know it by now, I'm not going to know it during the exam. I passed with a 926! BUT I reread EVERYTHING 1 week before the exam and jumped on my routers.

    Good luck.
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    yup thats the advice im getting too. Right now im re-reading everything and so far its all "review" guess thats a good sign. I'm going over the intro cp book again right now...
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