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Hello mates.

I'm attending a community college that has networking degrees based on mcsa and lpic. You can choose either field. I wanted to save myself time and many by doing the exams outside of school and just getting the credits. My problem is I don't have much time. I only have about 4 months to do either certifications.

First of, I have alot of networking experience as I work for an ISP as an IP tech and I also studied the CCNA for a very long time so I know most networkng stuff I just need to learn the operating systems and how to configure them.

My first question is which one is easier of the two certs and which one do you thing will take less time to study for? I know lpic consists of only 2 exams while mcsa consists of four but lpic could still be harder and therefore take longer to study for.

All your advices and input appreciated in advance.
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    It depends on what you have more experience with. If you're fairly experienced with Windows, you could feasibly do the entirety of MCSA in four months. (That's assuming you could get one test done per month.) Again, it's doable, but if you don't have very much Windows work experience and only really "have been using XP for a while", it'll definately take you a little longer. I'd recommend checking out CBT Nuggets or TestOut for training on these exams, as well as the MS Press books.

    The LPIC exams probably won't take as long, I'd say four months would be plenty of time to get both 1 and 2. I'd highly recommend getting a couple of spare boxes to do installs on, as well as picking up the CBT Nuggets by Perry Fizzano. One really good book on the subject is the O'Reilly book, which covers both exams.

    Either way, neither path is impossible, but I think the MCSA might be a tougher challenge to pull off, in the time given. Naturally, it's easy to get certified, but it's very difficult to get the certification in that short of a time, and still learn everything the courses and books are supposed to teach you.

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    I agree with Slowhand. LPIC-1 _can_ easily be done in 4 months. About study materials, I used free ressouces myself. Check out the lpi website.

    MCSA can also be finished in 4 months, but as is it 4 exams, it's going to be harder. MCSA is more valueable IMO. Good luck icon_wink.gif
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    Thanks for your generous advices and opinions Slowhand and Munck. I thought the lpic would take me less time too but wasn't too sure. I'm already reading the o'really lpic in a nutshell book. Thanks again!
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