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i'm currently studying with Learnkey's Network+ and i felt pretty confident until i got hold of the Sybex book (deluxe ed). It's a bit hard to follow being quite technical, and i'm not sure if i bought the right book. At the beginning it says it's recommended for people with about eighteen months of networking experience, i don't have any but since i recently passed my A+, i thought i'd be ok. Does anyone recommend a good book for newbies like me?


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    I used the Exam Cram 2 book for Network+. I too didn't have much knowledge of networks, but I found this book to be a very good resource for the test. It's only about 300 pages, but I found it to be all I needed for the Network+ exam.

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    i think that with the sybex book when it discusses a topic, it just goes on and on until it just gets boring to read. I'll probably go for examcram2, it sticks to the point.
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    The ExamCram book sets you up for the exam, but the Sybex book sets you up to be a network tech that understands to concepts and fundamentals - quite a difference there.
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    I strongy concur Sybex is a very good company i love thier books im very intresited in networking in general and all about computers then again :)
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    i have the sybex book.. i also have networking experience and i think even though sybex gets a little boring.. it still gives you what you need to know and more. it doesnt go overboard.. but i like how sybex books are.. mainly by Minasi ..
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    i got to say though that the software that comes with it is superb, i got no regrets with that
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    I personally love sybex books and have been using them for all of my computer related certs.......

    Yes they do get a little in depth but from what I've heard they are not as in depth as the ms press books (if your going down that road).

    You will find that the extra bit of knowledge is extremely helpfull, if you take the time to understand it. And you'll need it if you are planning to use this for a career. Remember your learning a skill not just studying to take a test.
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    i have to back on what i said about the sybex book. I've realised now how effective it's been for my studies. I suppose combining it with other study sources has made it more easier to read for some reason. Now i know why they say that you should never rely on one study source.
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    Glad you figured that outn early enough. Quite often we don't realise things like that until we have had a failure to make us take note :)
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    I bought the All In One/Mike Meyers and felt it lacked so I bought Sybex and it really filled in the blanks from Mike Meyers. I really liked his A+ book though.
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    I bought the Sybex Net+ book and I could not stay interested in it, so I bought the Exam Cram2 book, and I never wanted to put it down. I have read it twice already and I still use if for reinforcment in my studies. I also used the sybex Virtual Tainer and the E-trainer. But the exam Cram2 book was the most beneficial to me.
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    I'm using Sybex for my studies, but have the MS book aswell. So I think once I have read the Sybex book, I will then read the MS voluminous article for comparison, I have the time as I dont intend to take the exam until after Christmas. icon_cool.gif
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