Data Warehouse Definition

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My fact of the day... I'm currently being overwhelmed by fact and dimension tables and multidimensional cubes. If you aren't working as a DB Admin, how do you get DW experience? Brainstorm is forthcoming. Until then...

data warehouse

Abbreviated DW, a collection of data designed to support management decision making. Data warehouses contain a wide variety of data that present a coherent picture of business conditions at a single point in time.
Development of a data warehouse includes development of systems to extract data from operating systems plus installation of a warehouse database system that provides managers flexible access to the data.

The term data warehousing generally refers to the combination of many different databases across an entire enterprise. Contrast with data mart.

data mart

A database, or collection of databases, designed to help managers make strategic decisions about their business. Whereas a data warehouse combines databases across an entire enterprise, data marts are usually smaller and focus on a particular subject or department. Some data marts, called dependent data marts, are subsets of larger data warehouses.
Also spelled as datamart.
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    one thing i'm still trying to understand is whatever happened to the DW and OLAP exams. Don't you think --just like how MCSE has a Sec specializaion-- that MCDBA should have an OLAP and DW specialization? icon_wink.gif
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