create sub-domain in DNS ?

How do you create a sub domain from within DNS ? Not sure if i was supposed to use "DCPROMO"?
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  • eurotrasheurotrash Member Posts: 817
    If you want to create a child active directory domain, you can use dcpromo to create a new DC for that domain, which will be created at that time.

    If you want to create a DNS domain, you can do so from dnsmgmt.msc. Simply create a new zon and give it the child name at creation, like
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    Keep in mind, in Microsoft AD/DNS terms, sub-domain is different than a child-domain. If you have the domain, you can go into the primary zone and just right-click and create a sub-domain folder with the name of subdomain. You then technically have All it is, is a folder.

    Now a child domain requires a new DC which will be a seperate authoritative server for its DNS namespace. That is of course if you use it as a DNS server as well. You can actually still use DNS server to host your child DNS namespace. You will need to run DCPROMO on a new DC and go through the options to create a new domain in an already existing tree. Since it's a child domain, it will use the same namespace as its parent, thus why you add it to an existing tree.
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