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Can someone here help me with a resume or have one to paste so I can get an idea how to create a decent one. I'm going to school for computer networking but have no experience in the field yet. I work autoparts for 6 yrs now and I can't wait to get out of it!! You guys think a 'helpdesk' job is bad, try to put up with angry mechanics all day long! :) but anyways, if their is anybody that can help me please do so, thanks.


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    Have you read through this:

    If you need more information post back.
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    Hi Rizzo,

    You will find useful info here as per the previous post, but also a google search of "resume template" or "resume examples" etc would'nt go amiss and you'll get more ideas of what is needed.

    There are also specific resume-focussed discussion forums where you can post your resume for objective criticism, advice and support (Google search again!).

    Once you've got your resume into pretty good shape, (i.e all the appropriate content included), you might then choose to enlist the services of a resume writer if any finishing touches are required.

    It maybe sounds a bit daunting at first, but like most things it's just a step-by-step approach.

    Good luck with the training and planned career change.

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    Yea I read that. It's just hard to write up a good resume for a call back since autopart sales has little to do with IT jobs. I would like to get a job doing something basic like adding users into a database and simple stuff like that for now. Also, I get about 14$ per hour doing what I do so what is a average starting salary? I live in the Buffalo NY area.
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    You should get the training under your belt first and then decide how you want to approach this. You might find that your prospects for 'getting on the ladder' are better than anticipated or at least you'll have a more informed perspective on what skills you can then offer.

    As far as salaries go I'll have to defer to those more local to you (Europe here).

    Mike. email addresses for IT Professionals.
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