passed Yesterday - 822 pts / what's next?

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Hi everybody, I come from Switzerland (Geneva) and I have scored 822 pts. I studied during about 2 months to get it.

My material was:
- Microsoft book, Security +
- Syngress book
- Test materials

I would like to know what sould I take between CCNA or Network+?
- What's the price difference?
- How many months should I study to get it?
- Could I self study for a CCNA exam (material, labs, ..)?

Thanks a lot. icon_cool.gif


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    congrats on the for ccna or net+ its up to u i would say that network + is easier,and the ports will be familiar get the sybex book and u should be fine, took me about 7 weeks. any way keep handling ya business!!!

    ccna bout 125 and net + is 225.
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    Nice score, congrats. icon_cool.gif

    Net+ is easier. CCNA is more respected.
    Net+ does not expire. CCNA expires (needs to be renewed) every 3 years.
    Net+ would be a good stepping stone toward CCNA.
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    Congrats - good job.
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  • johnnyg5646johnnyg5646 Posts: 173Member
    great job!! I'd probably get Network+ because it offers great background information without having to apply it to one specific vendor. That you can easily self study for if you have Security+. Then go for CCNA, but that's just my two cents icon_wink.gif
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  • goforthbmerrygoforthbmerry Posts: 244Member
    Congrats on your score. Network+ is not as hard as Security+. I imagine that it would not take vey long to study for it. I think of it as a small step towards the CCNA. If you look at a Network+ book and it does not look extremely easy, I would go ahead and take the Network+ as a first step. CCNA is much more respected but it is much more difficult.
    I am actually skipping the A+ and Network+ and going to Security+. I have been looking at various job listings and may go back and get those certs as they seem to be asked for a good deal.

    My 2 credits, Good Luck on what ever you decide.
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